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44852 Jamestown Road Huron East,
one road south of HWY 86 

We are in the country, away from the busy rush, with serene, relaxing, wide open spaces to run and walk and simply just be a dog. We have beautiful grass paths between two fields that leads us to the bush that has many walking trails throughout.

Our walking path is cut and maintained during the warm months and groomed in the winter. We are out walking every single day, through rain, snow and sunshine. If the weather is absolutely unbearable due to extreme heat, rain and storms, then we stick close to home and play in the yard at the kennel or inside.

We know how difficult it is to leave a member of your family behind when you go on a vacation, business trip, or for any other reason. Rest assured we are animal lovers and will provide your family member with the best care possible.

At your preference, they will be given the opportunity to mingle with others or be appreciated on a one to one basis.

Our kennel is very unique & was once an actual working barn that has now been totally restored & renovated to provide a secure, comfortable environment. Once you walk in, you will appreciate how comfortable this kennel will be for your loved one. We are more than flexible and our goal is to set your mind at ease to know that your four legged family member will want to visit us again.

We provide a clean, tidy and sanitary environment to leave your pet. There are many kennels ranging in size - small, medium, and large.  All kennels are pressure washed and disinfected before new guests arrive.
We can even accommodate multiple dogs from one family. There is no difference in pricing, just simply your choice!

Individual kennels have solid walls to eliminate intimidation from the dog next door, to maintain sanitary conditions and prevent dogs fighting through cages.

Instead of kennel runs, we physically take dogs out individually, frequent times throughout the day to relieve themselves, play and sniff around. We do this so that we can be attuned to your dog, to see its behaviour and how it adapts to its different environment.

Every walk and social playtime among the dogs is chosen according to energy level, personality, age, and whether or not your dog is spayed or neutered. Walks and social play among dogs is always supervised. If your dog is not sociable then we will have one on one walks and plays instead.

Our kennel and property has 24 hour supervision. We provide background music, night lighting, heated and air conditioned suites, and new to the kennel is a heating reconditioning ventilation system bringing fresh air in continuously. If we find boarding isnít suitable for your pet we will let you know. We want this experience to be a pleasant one and sometimes dogs are not used to the setting and another option may be better.

It is a privilege to be entrusted with your dog. It is our mission to be honest, conscientious and thorough in every aspect of our business. This isnít our first rodeo, we have been fortunate enough to have lived here and have experienced the rewards of caring for our furry friends since Autumn 2009. We have established a very mutually beneficial relationship with our boarders & their family.

It is important for us to have our guests constantly tended to. We want it to be a feel good experience for your pet, as well as having peace of mind for yourself. We have respect for our guests and take great pleasure in their company.

Vaccinations are mandatory for the safety and overall health of our guests. We must see proof of documentation before any dog enters the kennel, even if it is just for a quick visit. We record or keep copies of the vaccinations here with each dogís file, so you donít have to bring them with each visit. Please keep files up to date with us.

We are always looking to improve and welcome questions and concerns before, during, and after a bed and biscuit stay. We are in this for the long run and appreciate feedback. This is an amazing job to have and lots of fun, but it is also taken very seriously.

Back up plans are discussed with you if you are away and your dog is extremely stressed, upset, or unwell while staying with us. If veterinarian assistance is ever required we proceed there immediately and owners or contact persons are notified. As with any work place, different situations may arise, therefore we have all necessary steps in place before hand.

We take pride in our K9 Bed and Biscuit. Our guests are above all else our first priority. We want to ensure our clientele are comfortable, happy and that they look forward to each visit.

Thank you for taking the time to look at our website and we invite you to call or email for an appointment to visit our bed and biscuit to see our current guests and what our day to day life is like here.

Amanda's K9 Bed and Biscuit
"All inclusive country resort for any dog"

44852 Jamestown Rd.
R. R. # 2 Listowel, ON, N4W-3G7
(519) 291-2294 

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